Lizzie and Chaz's Bridal Registry


It is such a pleasure to be asked to make the dinnerware set and other serving and preparation pottery that Lizzie and Chaz will be using as they build a life together.

Lizzie and Chaz have chosen the following items for their registry with Funkware Pottery.  Some of these photos are samples of the actual items as they are in the process of designing their custom dinnerware.

If you would like to purchase any of these pieces to be delivered to the happy couple, please inform me of the item(s) by sending an email to me at - please put "For Lizzie and Chaz" in the Subject line and include your telephone number so I can call you to arrange payment. Or simply phone me at (860) 933-1101. You can pay by credit card or through the mail by check. Give me a call and we will work it out.

I will send you a receipt along with a gift note specifying the piece(s) that you have chosen for them to be included in your personal best wishes card to Lizzie and Chaz.

Thank you.

10 Place Settings $66 each (set includes one dinner plate, one sandwich plate and one bowl)
[  X  ] Place Setting 1 ( TAKEN )
[  X  ] Place Setting 2 ( TAKEN )
[  X  ] Place Setting 3 ( TAKEN )
[  X  ] Place Setting 4 ( TAKEN )
[    ] Place Setting 5 AVAILABLE
[    ] Place Setting 6 AVAILABLE
[    ] Place Setting 7 AVAILABLE
[    ] Place Setting 8 AVAILABLE
[    ] Place Setting 9 AVAILABLE
 [    ] Place Setting 10 AVAILABLE

1 Chip and Dip $60
( TAKENChip and Dip 
Dessert Bowl Sets
[  ] 4 Dessert Bowls - 1 Set $60 AVAILABLE
[ TAKEN ] 6 Dessert Bowls - 1 Set $90 

Large Serving Bowl
[ TAKEN  ] 1 Large Serving Bowl $95 
Utensil Jar
[   ] 1 Utensil Jar $45 AVAILABLE
Garlic Keeper
[ X ] 1 Garlic Keeper $35 ( TAKEN )
 Pasta Bowl 12x3 $95
[ X ] Pasta Bowl ( TAKEN )
Platter $95
 [  ]  Platter AVAILABLE

If you have a custom or personalized idea, give me a call and we can discuss the possibilities.


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  1. I love your work Joey! I wish I'd looked up your studio YEARS ago. :-)


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