Sculpture: Vessels with sculptural elements

I also work to combine sculptural work with vessels.

Making a set of goblets for Open Studio 2013 in Ashford, CT
 at the Babcock Library, Route 44, Ashford, CT on
November 30 (open 10-5) and December 1 (open until 2)
and the next weekend too December 7 and 8 (open 10-5).
Come see them! Say hello!
Figure vase.
Figure vase.
Figure vase.
Figure pitcher.
Elephant mug.
Figure pitcher.
Frog planter.
Dragon mug.
Dragon teapot.
Another Dragon teapot prior to firing.
Frog pitcher.
Bird bowls drying prior to bisque firing.
Dolphin pitcher.
Dolphin pitcher.
Detail of Dolphin pitcher.
Toothbrush holder.
Salamander mug.
Salamander straw mug.
Octopus vase (view one)
Octopus vase (view two)
Figure teapot drying prior to bisque firing.
Figure pitcher.
And of course my signature vessel, Frog Mug.

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