Emily and Ted's Bridal Registry


It is such a pleasure to be asked to make the dinnerware set and other serving and preparation pottery that Emily and Ted will be using as they build a life together.

Emily and Ted have chosen the following items for their registry with Funkware Pottery:

If you would like to purchase any of these pieces to be delivered to Emily and Ted, please inform me of the item(s) by sending an email to me at funkwarepots@yahoo.com - please put "For Emily and Ted" in the Subject line and include your telephone number so I can call you to arrange payment. Or simply phone me at (860) 933-1101. You can pay by credit card or through the mail by check. Give me a call and we will work it out.

I will send you a receipt along with a gift note specifying the piece(s) that you have chosen for them to be included in your personal best wishes card to Emily and Ted.

Thank you.

8 Plate Sets $48 each (set includes one dinner plate and one sandwich plate)
[  TAKEN  ] Plate Set 1 AVAILABLE
[  TAKEN  ] Plate Set 2 AVAILABLE
[  TAKEN  ] Plate Set 3 AVAILABLE
[  TAKEN  ] Plate Set 4 AVAILABLE
[  TAKEN  ] Plate Set 5 AVAILABLE
[  TAKEN  ] Plate Set 6 AVAILABLE
[  TAKEN  ] Plate Set 7 AVAILABLE
[  TAKEN  ] Plate Set 8 AVAILABLE

8 Bowl and Mug Sets $36 each (set includes one bowl and one mug)
TAKEN  ] Bowl and Mug Set 1 AVAILABLE
TAKEN  ] Bowl and Mug Set 2 AVAILABLE
TAKEN  ] Bowl and Mug Set 3 AVAILABLE
TAKEN  ] Bowl and Mug Set 4 AVAILABLE
TAKEN  ] Bowl and Mug Set 5 AVAILABLE
TAKEN  ] Bowl and Mug Set 6 AVAILABLE
TAKEN  ] Bowl and Mug Set 7 AVAILABLE
TAKEN  ] Bowl and Mug Set 8 AVAILABLE
1 Chip and Dip $60
 Pasta Bowl with *fern design (*not shown)12x3 $85
Fern Platter $120 
 TAKEN   ] Fern Platter AVAILABLE
2 Rice Bowl Sets (each set includes 4 Rice Bowls) $60 (custom design to come)
TAKEN  ] Rice Bowl Set 1 AVAILABLE
TAKEN  ] Rice Bowl Set 2 AVAILABLE
1 Sugar and Creamer Set $50
 TAKEN  ] Sugar and Creamer AVAILABLE
1 Butter Dish $45 (custom design to come)
Even though all the Bridal Registry gifts have been taken you can still select pottery as a gift from items available in my shop if you are nearby to Canaan, Connecticut. Call me at 860-933-1101 to arrange a time to stop by. Or if you live far away give me a call and we can discus what you are looking for and I'll email you a photos of what I have.



  1. Sitting here with your mother in Lake Park. Glad is a wonderful person and friend to my mother, Doreen.

    You have beautiful work!

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